Exploring Majors

Your first year is a time to explore the path that is right for you. Even if you already have a strong sense of the field of study you wish to pursue, use this time to learn more about the many programs at Notre Dame. As you progress through your first year, you may change your plans concerning your college and/or major. Your first-year advisor will help you keep your options open and make changes smoothly.

While you will not formally declare your college until the second semester of your first year, you have to make at least a provisional decision about your future major(s) so that you can be registered for the appropriate courses for the first semester. Students in the Mendoza College of Business should spend the fall semester of their first year discerning the various business majors, as they will declare their business major in the spring semester of their first year.

After the first year, students are enrolled in one of the University’s degree-granting units: the School of Architecture, the College of Arts and Letters, the Mendoza College of Business, the College of Engineering, or the College of Science. The Keough School of Global Affairs does not grant undergraduate degrees. Students who are pursuing the Keough supplementary major in Global Affairs must pursue a primary major through another college or school.

Arts and Letters, Business, Engineering, and Science offer majors and minors in a variety of disciplines. Architecture does not have majors, but Architecture students can pursue one of three concentrations, which help students develop specialized skills. Keough offers a supplementary major in Global Affairs and several minors.

Please note that the Mendoza College of Business is only open to students who were pre-approved for enrollment in the college at the time of admission. Students who were not pre-approved can apply after their first semester for an internal transfer to Mendoza. Mendoza offers several minors that are open to students not enrolled in the college.

See the Requirements section of our website for an explanation of courses required in the first year by some of the colleges and majors.

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