THEO 13183-2: Foundations of Theology - Kollman

Instructor: Paul Kollman, CSC

Theology University Seminar

This University Seminar in theology also qualifies as the first course of the two-semester university requirement in theology.

The Theology Department some years ago decided that this first course in the two-semester university requirement should introduce students to the academic discipline of theology by critical study of the Bible and the history of the early church. (The second course in theology here at ND develops a theological theme.)

The course, therefore, will both fulfill the expectations of the University Seminar and seek to equip you to be thoughtful readers and interpreters of theological texts, especially the Bible and certain texts from the early Church. We will also read a number of secondary readings of various sorts. Some will address particular theological or biblical topics; others will consider the implications of primary texts that we will read for the life of the church or related matters.

Throughout, the goal will be the development of reading and analytical practices for interpreting these texts properly—prioritizing what is sometimes called “close reading” in particular for primary texts like Scripture. We will proceed by way of a seminar, which like others at this level will emphasize conversational skills as we engage the foundations of Christian theology. You will be expected to engage in class discussions and express opinions, analyses, and arguments relevant to the material studied in the course.

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