THEO 13183-1: Foundations of Theology - Mattison

Instructor: Mattison

Theology University Seminar

This course is an introduction to theology through foundational texts of the Christian tradition.

Who is God? Why are we here? How has God related to humanity in history? Who is Jesus Christ? What is a good life? Why do bad things happen? What happens after death?

Students will address these and other questions through a close reading of selected texts from the Old Testament, New Testament, and the early Church.

These texts will be placed in conversation with more contemporary articles and stories in order to better understand what is at stake in their questions, and the ramifications of their answers.

Students are expected not only to become knowledgeable about these texts, but also to critically engage the perduring questions they pose. In other words, students both learn about, and do, theology through study and reflection on the foundational texts of the Christian tradition.

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