This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

SOC 13181-6: Sociology in Action

Instructor: David Hachen

This seminar will help students develop a new skill – the ability to read and analyze situations sociologically. Using decisions cases -- short problem-centered narratives that promote critical thinking – students will learn how to: • See situations sociologically by identifying and describing four important social connectors: social relationships, groups, organizations, and networks. • Use sociological theories to reframe and develop multiple perspectives on social connections. • Think about situations from the point of view of insiders by decoding culture. • Uncover inequalities by analyzing differences in power. • Imagine futures by taking into account changes that could result from three important driving forces: demography, technology and collectives actions. In addition there will be a special module on Social Networks in which you will read about, discuss, and learn how to look at social networks.