SOC 13181-5: The Sociological Imagination

Instructor: Kevin Christiano

Social Science University Seminar

This course is designed to acquaint first-year college students with the distinctive perspective on social reality that sociology offers, and to encourage them to broaden their habits of thought by adopting some of its principles. The substantive focus of the class is on the institutions that make up modern societies, the forces that they produce, and the trends whose impact they sustain. In.addition, the course proposes to hone the skills of students at reading with a critical eye, shaping argumentation with logic, and writing with clarity. Students will read and discuss in a seminar setting a series of well-known texts from sociology, including such classic works as William Foote Whyte's Street Corner Society (1943) and Erving Goffman's The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (1959). They also will be required to complete a minimum number of pages of original writing on specified topics.

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