SOC 13181-3: Responding to World Crisis

Instructor: Samuel Valenzuela

Social Science University Seminar

Focuses on current issues in international affairs and what the U.S. policy response to them should be. The participants will be divided into groups specializing on events and issues in each continent in the world, with an additional group focusing on issues of global importance. Each session of the seminar will hear the reports prepared by students in two such groups (i.e., the Africa and the Asia groups, or the Europe and global affairs groups). The reports must be individually written, with the crisp style of policy briefs, on different countries or issues, and must include an assessment of the origins and nature of the problem or problems at hand, as well as recommendations regarding what the U.S. should do. The required reading for the seminar will be the New York Times (the printed version) on a daily basis. Students may go to the Internet news services of the New York Times or of other sources for additional background information on the situation they wish to write about.

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