This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

POLS 13181-3: Debating Great Articles

Instructor: Daniel Lindley

The subject matter of this course is international relations, with a focus on security studies and foreign policy. For each class, we read one classic article (or other readings), such that by the end students have a good grasp of international relations. The fun wrinkle is the format. In each class, students will present articles and critique them. Thus, this course has several goals: 1. To help you learn to present and critique orally before an audience. 2. To help you learn how to respond on your feet to criticism. 3. To think aggressively and critically when reading, writing, and during public interactions. Our articles will be drawn principally from the journals International Security and Security Studies. IS is the leading journal in security studies, and its articles are well known for substance and clarity. In addition to the presentations and critiques, there are several writing assignments. The intellectual goals and classwork should help prepare students for almost any non-fiction academic and career path. And the readings provide an excellent foundation for further studies in international relations.