This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

MUS 13182-02: Music, Gender, and Sexuality

Instructor: Johanna Frymoyer

How does music articulate gender and sexual identities among its composers, performers, and audiences? With an emphasis on listening and viewing assignments, this course will help students build a musical and critical vocabulary to investigate issues in gender and sexuality in music. Course readings and themes are selected from students’ interests and can include topics such as Beethoven and masculinity; marriage and domesticity in ballet; exoticism in opera; hipness and jazz; sex and theology from Marvin Gaye to Madonna; exclusion/inclusion in country music; Beyoncé and intersectionality; Nicki Minaj and toxic masculinity. Prior knowledge of a musical instrument or familiarity with Western instrumental music and opera is not required for this course. Discussions early in the semester of music fundamentals and critical listening strategies will aid students both new to and experienced in the study of music.