LLRO 13186-3: Tasty Words: Food and Eating in Latin American Literatures & Cultures

Instructor: Vanesa Miseres

Literature University Seminar

Literature, as all the other arts, abounds in images of food and the actions of producing, preparing, craving, eating, sharing, wasting, and digesting it. This seminar explores the many intersections-both real and metaphorical-between food and language in Latin American literatures and cultures. Following the tradition of Cultural Studies, the topic of food is explored for all the possible values it may have had in a particular moment in relation to History, Anthropology, Literature, Gender Studies and the Culinary Sciences. We will study a wide variety of Latin American and Latinx texts, films, and images to stimulate our appetites for theoretical and critical interrogation. We will undertake creative and intellectual projects to analyze how the meeting of food and word inform large social categories such as nation and national identities, gender, race, taste, cosmopolitism/regionalism, and family.

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