HIST 13184-4: Images of Africa: Past and Present

Instructor: M. Candido

History University Seminar

The African past continues to be marginal to our understanding of the present. African societies and states are portrayed as underdeveloped, primitive, and backward, despite a rich scholarship that proves the opposite. This erroneous image creates stereotypes about Africa and African descendants, affecting our communities. This seminar will explore the history of how Africa is represented, both visually and textually, and interrogate the ways Africa has been imagined, depicted, fantasized about in European cultures, among African-Americans, and in U.S. popular culture. This seminar introduces the history of the peoples of Africa and will problematize the creation of images about Africa and Africans in the past 200 years. Participants will have a chance to explore how media influences the ways we think about the African past and will leave the course knowing much more about Africa’s history than what is available on newspapers or television. This knowledge will be valuable to understand the African past, include it in our classroom teaching, as well as to have a better understanding of the world where we live in.

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