This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

HIST 13184-4: Classical Chinese Thought: Law and Empire

Instructor: Liang Cai

USEM Fall 2021 Classical Chinese Thought: Law, Justice, and Empire This course attempts to explore the power of law and the concept of justice in early Chinese empires. Whereas the rule of law serves as the basic principle of modern political thought and the spirit of democracy, the mature legal empires in early China fostered a prominent and enduring intellectual tradition that abominated the law, a tradition that still has its legacy in Chinese society of modern day. This course will probe this fundamental difference between the East and the West as well as its modern legacy. Aiming to connect studies of early Chinese empires with research of other civilizations, we will examine the Lord of Shang, Han Feizi, read academic articles, and participate in related public lectures.