This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2016-2017

HIST 13184-2: Vietnam War

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Instructor: Steven Brady

The Vietnam War is remembered as one of the most controversial and traumatic episodes in American history. Yet the story of America's war in Indochina is not just an American story. Vietnam, after all, is a country, not a war. In this course, we will read about, discuss, and debate the course of conflict in Vietnam from the early years of Chinese conquest and occupation; though the period of French colonization; and then extensively cover the Second Indochina War, which the Vietnamese call "The American War." Topics will include the First Indochina War; early American involvement; rising commitments under Kennedy and Johnson; Nixon's search for "peace with honor"; the anti-war movement; and the impact of the war on the US and Vietnam. Students will read primary documents, secondary sources, novels, and memoirs. Each student will give one short presentation in a debate and write four papers. In addition, all students will write a one-page paper for each debate. No previous knowledge of the subject is required