This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

HIST 13184-1: The Second World War

Instructor: Ian Johnson

“The Second World War is the largest single event in human history, fought across six of the world's seven continents and all its oceans. It killed fifty million human beings, left hundreds of millions of others wounded in mind or body and materially devastated much of the heartland of civilization.” The above quote from historian John Keegan summarizes the significance of studying the Second World War. In this class, students will receive an introduction to understanding this most violent conflict in human history. The course will examine the origins, course, conduct and consequences of the war, from the first battles of the Second Sino-Japanese War to the postwar settlements that continue to shape the modern world. Class content will focus on military, diplomatic, and political approaches, while also exploring the lived experience of the war through primary source readings.