This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2016-2017

FTT 13182-1: The Teen (in) Film

This course is not currently available. Please visit the Courses section for current offerings.

Instructor: Pamela Wojcik

This seminar examines the representation of teens in American Cinema from the silent era to the present. We will consider the development of the teen audience and teen film as a genre. We will consider changing ideas about teens, including notions of delinquency and sexuality, and different teen types, including the ingénue, the flapper, the cheerleader, the virgin, the juvenile delinquent, the jock, and the nerd. We will consider teen films in relation to changing social mores, the film ratings system, the rise of YA literature, and more. We will consider the role of fashion, music and consumerism in defining teen culture. Throughout, we will attend to questions of race, gender and class. This is a discussion heavy and writing intensive class. Students will be expected to read texts about teen film and teen culture, and attend a weekly lab each week for a film screening.