This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2017-2018

FTT 13182-: Extreme Filmmaking, To the Limits of Cinematography

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Instructor: Olivier Morel

What is filmmaking when it is reputed “impossible?” Technically, physically, politically, artistically.

From obvious “extreme” forms of filmmaking involving for example, filming under fire in war zones, or under violent political oppression, filming in extreme conditions when the level of risk puts filmmakers and film crews’s physical integrity in danger (extreme sports…), to filming the “extremities” (of life for example, wildlife, human life…)… our class will also consist in retracing the technological and industrial evolutions that have both generated different practices of cinematic endeavors, as well as new forms of cinema known as “transmedia,” (narrative, formats, adaptation, cinematic essays, innovative cinematic musical forms…), multiplatforms, multiforms (3D filmmaking, online cinematic games, interactive cinema, artistic avant-garde…), and other cinematic adventures.

Each University Seminar requires students to write a minimum of 24 pages on a subject with a high level of feedback from the professor and the chance to rewrite the papers. The best papers will be nominated for Fresh Writing, Notre Dame’s journal of award-winning first-year essays. You may use your USEM opportunity to look more deeply into an interest that you already have, or to explore new intellectual territory that may lead you to new abilities and interests.

Assistant Professor Olivier Morel (Film, Television, and Theatre/Romance Languages and Literatures), is a filmmaker and scholar who has published several books, a graphic novel, and authored a web-documentary, photo exhibits, as well as numerous award winning films, including the feature-length documentary “On the Bridge” (2011). He is currently working on his second feature documentary to be released in 2018.