This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

ENGL 13186-6: Feminist Fictions: Popular Feminism, Literature, and Culture

Instructor: Barbara Green

The red cloak of The Handmaid’s Tale vaulted from the pages of Margaret Atwood’s novel to film and television, marches and protests, memes and collectibles. Feminist fictions enable radical commentary on culture, provide points of identification and connection to movements, and deliver the vocabulary, imagery, and textures of new ways of being and living. This course looks at popular feminist fictions of the 20th and 21st centuries in the context of other elements of feminist print culture (memoir, non-fiction prose, manifestoes, blogs, magazines and ‘zines) and social life. Students will explore a wide range of classic feminist texts including movement novels coming out of the suffrage movement, the second-wave, and third-wave contexts, feminist dystopian fictions, graphic novels, and more. Texts may include: Gertrude Colmore’s Suffragette Sally, Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Audrey Lorde’s Zami, Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, and selections from criticism, theory, non-fiction prose or memoir by feminist thinkers such as Christabel Pankhurst, Angela Davis, Sara Ahmed, Betty Fridan, Alice Walker, Rebecca Solnit, Roxanne Gay, bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, Maggie Nelson and others.