This course name and description ONLY applies to academic year 2021-2022

ENGL 13186-4: Computation and Culture

Instructor: Ranjodh Dhaliwal

This survey course introduces students to a wide variety of studies at the intersection of computation and culture, with a focus on literary cultures. No programming experience is required. Together, we shall explore how we can start to study the computational and the cultural together, broadly conceived. On the one hand, we shall find out how computational tools are useful for the humanists. Here, we will see how quantitative digital humanists use text mining, data science, and AI to make arguments about literary cultures, and learn some tools that help us ask and answer such questions. On the other hand, we shall study how humanities is now being applied to the computational, broadly conceived. Here we shall learn humanistic methods that help us to think about technoscientific cultures at large, through close analyses of novels (including literary and science fiction), computer code, memes, and videogames. Throughout the course, you will learn how knowledge from the sciences can be brought to bear on studies of sociocultural systems, and vice versa.