ANTH 13181-2: Indiana Janes

Instructor: Rebeca Gibson

Social Science University Seminar

This writing intensive class will serve to introduce students to archaeological concepts, including the principles of excavation and the organization of a field season, and give a brief overview of archaeological theory, while concentrating on women’s contributions to early archaeology and their current and continuing involvement in the science. The course materials will be drawn from the works of modern theorists like Margaret Conkey and Joan Gero, popular science authors including Amy Adams and Clea Koff, and historical fiction, particularly Agatha Christie. At the end of the course, students will be able to identify various stages of excavation and identify each stages importance as part of the whole, critically engage with theorists and authors in the field through discussion and written work, and demonstrate their awareness of current gender based trends in archaeology, specifically those that highlight the contributions of women to the discipline.

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