AP Exam Credit

This document was last updated on March 22, 2018 and is subject to change.

This AP credit information applies to students entering the University in the Fall 2018 semester or later.

Students entering prior to Fall 2018 will find the applicable AP credit information in the Bulletin of Information for the academic year they entered the University of Notre Dame. These documents can be found at https://registrar.nd.edu/BOI/BOI.php.


AP Credit Table

Advanced Placement Exam

AP Score Required

Number of Credits Awarded


Biology 5 8  
Biology 4 3  
Calculus AB 5 4  
Calculus BC 5 8  
Calculus BC/AB Subscore 5 4  
Chemistry 5 4  
Chemistry 4 3  
Economics (Micro) 5 3  
Economics (Macro) 5 3  
English Language & Composition 4 3  
European History 5 3  
Government (American Politics) 5 3  
Government (Comparative) 5 3  
Latin 4 8  
Latin 3 4  
Music Theory 5 3  
Physics l 5 3  
Physics ll 5 3  
Physics C, Mechanics 5 4  
Physics C, Mechanics 4 4  
Physics C, Elec. & Magnetism  5 4  
Physics C, Elec. & Magnetism  4 4  
Psychology 5 3  
Statistics 5 3  
United States History 5 3  
World History  5 3  

When registering for the AP Exam, be certain to request that your scores be sent to Notre Dame; check especially for any tests taken in your junior year. If you indicate on your test registration form that you want the College Board to send your test scores to Notre Dame, we will receive them automatically in late June or early July.

If you did not designate Notre Dame as a test score recipient when you registered for your AP exams, you may mail, email, or fax us a copy of your official test score transcript before you arrive on campus. You must also present your transcript to your advisor once you arrive on campus.

It is also possible to have the College Board mail a copy of your test transcript to us; they will charge a fee. To contact the College Board, call (888) 225-5427 or email apexams@info.collegeboard.org.

The amount of AP credit that a student can receive depends on the college and major selected. You should consult with your First Year Advisor to determine your applicable AP credit.