Honor Code Instructions

How to Access and Complete Academic Code of Honor Requirement:


1.  Log into sakai.nd.edu with your NetID and password.

Sakai Log In









2.  Click on the Academic Honor Code 2017 link in the sites menu in Sakai.

Sakai Sites







3.  Click the link on the homepage to read the Academic Code of Honor Handbook. Then click on "Tests & Quizzes" in the sidebar menu to the left.

Sakai Home









4.  You will see links to two assessments, Academic Honor Code Orientation and Pledge. 

Sakai Tests





Click on the Orientation assessment first. After you have completed that assessment, click on Pledge and complete that one. Your requirement is not complete until you have done both assessments and passed the Orientation quiz with a score of 6 or more. You will see your submissions under “Submitted Assessments” when they are complete.

Directions are also on the homepage of the course in Sakai.

5. To check whether your requirement is complete, click on "Gradebook" in the left sidebar menu.

Sakai Gradebook








If you have any questions or problems, please email us at firstyear.nd.edu or call (574) 631-7421.