Program in Academic Excellence

Are you a first-year student who excelled in high school but is now:

  • Facing greater academic challenges than ever before?
  • Not satisfied with your current performance?
  • Spending too much time studying?

The Program in Academic Excellence is here to show you how to use your natural abilities effectively in order to achieve academic high-performance.

The Foundations of Academic Excellence

Some of the key strategies you will learn are:

  • Effective study cycles
  • Efficient note-taking
  • Reading for comprehension and retention
  • Techniques for science and math classes
  • Bridging cross-cultural gaps
  • Managing academic tasks and time
  • Avoiding procrastination

Your rewards will be:

  • Genuine understanding
  • Improved grades
  • Less wasted time
  • Lower stress

Contact Information for Program in Academic Excellence

Dr. Phil Sakimoto, Director
B-026 Malloy Hall
(574) 631-6578

Please schedule appointments online at

If you have any questions, you can email Dr. Sakimoto at