First Year Librarian

he Hesburgh Libraries has dedicated a librarian, Melissa Harden, to helping first-year students learn more about what it means for a college student to have information literacy.

Information literacy is knowing how to:

  • access information efficiently and effectively.
  • evaluate information critically and competently.
  • use information appropriately for different purposes in a variety of contexts.

These are skills that are necessary for our academic writing and research at the college level, but they will also serve students well in life outside of classes.

Information Literacy Learning Objectives for First-Year Students

The First Year librarian helps students:

  • navigate the vast information resources available through the Hesburgh Libraries.
  • develop a research strategy that will maximize the use of those resources

You will find our First Year librarian:

  • in room 115a on the first floor of the Hesburgh Library (Current Periodicals area).
  • in room 229 of the First Year of Studies on the second floor of the Coleman-Morse Center.
  • at the Ask Us Desk on the first floor of the Hesburgh Library.

More information about the first-year librarian and her services can be found at: