University of Notre Dame

Important Dates & Events

This page was last updated on May 9, 2016, and is subject to change. Please check this page often for updates.

For the Class of 2020

Fall 2016

May 5
New first-year student NetIDs will be ready for activation.

May 6
First Year of Studies Welcome email goes out.

May 23 — June 6
Housing Application must be completed during this period. Visit and log in using your NetID to complete it.

May 15 — June 30
The Honor Code requirement must be completed by the end of this period.

June 1 — June 30
Registration for Notre Dame credit and placement exams is open.

June 15
Students will receive their First Year advisor assignments by email.

June 27
The Course Preference Form opens. Students must select their preferred courses for the fall semester using this form.

July 11
Your Course Preference Form must be submitted by this date.

July 12 — July 29
First Year advisors are building fall schedules for the incoming class.

July 15
Incoming students must submit information regarding their immunizations and health insurance to University Health Services

August 1
No further changes will be made to student schedules until Schedule Adjustment Day.

August 10
First billing statement due via IRISHPAY

August 19 — August 21
Welcome Weekend.

August 19
Notre Dame credit and placement exams take place at 1:00 p.m. Registration is required.

August 22
Schedule Adjustment Day. Students must come to the second floor of the Coleman-Morse Center to see their First Year advisor to make schedule changes.

August 23
First day of classes for the fall semester.

August 30
Last day for course changes.

August 31 — October 14
First-year students must make an appointment to see their First Year advisor at least once in the time period.

September 5
Labor Day. Classes will be held.

October 15 — 23
Mid-Semester break. Mid-term grade reports will be sent to first-year students.

October 24 — November 14
During this period, First Year advisors will hold group advising meetings to prepare students for spring semester registration. Look for an email from your advisor with meeting details.

October 28
Students who want to drop a course must meet with their First Year advisor to initiate a drop request. This meeting must take place by 5:00 p.m. today.

November 29 — 30
First-year students will register for the Spring 2017 semester using NOVO. Half the class will register on the 29th and half will register on the 30th.

November 23 — 27
Thanksgiving Holiday

November 29 — December 11
Course Instructor Feedback surveys will be sent to students beginning November 29. Please complete the survey before December 11. Students who complete this survey will see their final grades online a week earlier than those who do not.

December 8
Last day of classes.

December 9 — 11
Reading days to prepare for final exams (no examinations).

December 12 — 16
Final examinations.

December 17
Undergraduate halls close at 2:00 p.m.