University of Notre Dame

Career Planning

Our First Year Advisors will work with students to help them find academic paths that best meet long-term career goals. Advisor meetings and our formal self-reflection process are designed to help our students understand their core skills, values, and interests. Our advisors can help students apply this information to their career options.

It is important to remember that the best major for a student is a major that involves them in their passions and motivates them to pursue a study that will hone their skills and abilities. Employers and graduate schools are interested in diverse backgrounds and interests. Only by exploring a variety of majors and careers can students find what truly suits them best.

Notre Dame’s Career Center works closely with first-year students to help them discover how their needs, skills, talents, and work values will fit into today’s job market.

The Career Center offers first-years:

Notre Dame’s annual Career and Internship Fair is held in February. First-Year students are welcome and encouraged to participate.