University of Notre Dame

Academics & Registration

Our First Year Advisors must comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when speaking to parents or other parties about students’ academic information:

For the fall semester, students must fill out our online Course Selection Form. First Year Advisors will use this information, along with high school transcripts, AP, SAT, or IB exam results, and other information to create a schedule for each student. Changes can be made to schedules, but not until Schedule Adjustment Day, the Monday before classes start.

Students must follow the registration process carefully to ensure that they are meeting their First Year requirements. Students who do not complete those requirements in their first year at Notre Dame will be retained in the First Year of Studies until they do complete them. Our First Year Advisors are here to ensure that students make the right choices to meet these requirements. It is important that students attend the four mandatory advisor meetings in their first year to move through the First Year Curriculum smoothly.

The first year of college is one of growth and change, characterized by an increasing awareness of the full spectrum of experiences that impact learning. In December/January, as students prepare to choose a college and major, we will ask them to think carefully about their hopes, dreams, and progress. To facilitate such reflection, students will be asked to complete a set of questions that we have developed to support them in the decision-making process. It is important that students submit this information to their advisors for the mandatory meetings that will take place in the first half of the spring semester to discuss the formal declaration of a major.

The First Year of Studies has established a set of learning objectives or “milestones” for the first year at Notre Dame. Achieving these milestones will facilitate the transition to life at Notre Dame.