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Time Moves Fast, Hold On While You Can

As I have gotten older, I have realized that everything has gotten relatively smaller. A dollar as a kid was a coveted candy bar, and $20 was the best Christmas gift. Now, as I look to my future, I speak in tens of thousands of dollars, and it never seems like enough. Back in the day, a five-minute car ride was an adventure, and a 15-minute timeout was an eternity. With one month left of my college career, I feel as if time is a rug that is being ripped from underneath me.

When I began my journey at Notre Dame, I knew it would go by at an unbelievable rate. Keeping this in mind through the past four years, I realized that I still managed to underestimate how fast the time would go. The rush of the college experience kept my friends, classmates, and me on our toes, presenting us with new challenges every day, and just when we thought we figured it out, a new obstacle would arise.

Together, we forged the path of our college experience. We attacked freshman year, survived sophomore year, struggled junior year, and hugged it all out senior year. Because of all of this, I know I will look at my diploma come graduation day and not see only my name. I will see the names of my roommates, classmates and professors, as well. Every one of my achievements was made possible by the support I had surrounding me, something I have come to truly understand and cherish.

Some days I felt like I was struggling through my classes. Other days I was leading them. A lot of days I felt like I was the blind leading the blind. Throughout every tumultuous day, however, the one constant was the people around me. And that is why, with the time slipping through my fingers, I have chosen to hang on even tighter to those that have helped me through all of the struggles and rejoiced with me in the triumphs.

I stress out about the future and paying bills and finding a place to live and the feeling of running out of time just as every other senior in my class. But because we do it together, it makes it all the more worthwhile, and makes the last month, though brief as it seems, be a month that will be remembered for years to come.

To those that still have more time in the college career: make sure you enjoy your time here. Go to that sporting event. Go to the pep rallies. See a musical in Washington Hall. Watch the Glee Club during their Christmas caroling. And when you have late nights before exams or that final paper is due, be with those who you love and care about. If there is anything I have learned in the last four years, it is to surround myself with amazing people, because it makes the hard times not so bad, and the fun times even more memorable.