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The Enchanting Magic

I know it’s early in the year to be talking about winter. I realize that it’s mid-November and the temperature has dropped below freezing during the day. I get that I’m cold and wearing scarves and hats far sooner than usual. But the snow…let’s talk about snow for a minute. It floats gracefully, even on the South Quad wind tunnel. It blankets campus with a pristine, fresh coat of snow that just screams bliss. It’s captivating…magical…enchanting.

Back home in California, it doesn’t snow. I can drive three hours to go skiing, but prior to coming to Notre Dame snow had been merely a catalyst for a vacation over Christmas break. There, I’m not accountable for schoolwork and classes, projects and meetings. The snow is innocent and exciting, and I only venture outside if it’s a nice snow rather than a blustery storm. When making my college decision two and a half years ago, I almost didn’t come to Notre Dame because of the snow. Frankly, it’s inconvenient: you have to take a few extra moments to put on a (hopefully matching) scarf or hat, maybe some gloves as well if it’s a particularly cold day as well as face the wind and feel a little chilly.

Back home, I only got snow when I was out from school and carefree. However here at Notre Dame, snow happens anyway. It doesn’t wait for midterms to be over, or until passing period between classes is through. But it is worth it.

Notre Dame is worth the snow, even when it surprises us in mid-November. It’s wonderful because, if you take a minute to stop sprinting to classes and meetings to enjoy some hot chocolate on an afternoon walk outside, you can feel the magic. It’s a captivating, enchanting magic that doesn’t just come with the snow. Yes, the snow is amazingly beautiful and a gorgeous reminder of changing seasons, but it is so much more because of where the snow falls. Back home I don’t go in the snow except for leisure and recreation, so it is always a joy to be outside. At Notre Dame, in between running around to various commitments, the snow is a gift. It’s a gift that makes me stop – even for a moment – to realize how lucky I am to be here. It makes me smile and giggle to remember that, just a few short years ago, snow almost stopped me from saying “yes” to Notre Dame. I can say with confidence that the snow makes Notre Dame even more special than it already is. It’s a gift, and I’m so glad that I chose to receive it.