University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame


The Darling Buds of ... April

I may have had my doubts in the beginning of January, but winter didn’t actually last forever. Spring has officially sprung on campus. The extra sunshine has given my mood the extra boost of Vitamin D that it desperately needed. We didn’t experience a snow-pocalypse, so technically we had it easy. But hey, this girl isn’t complaining.

I’ve noticed that my daily journey from class to class now has some new scenery. The flowers, especially the mass number of tulips, are simply gorgeous. They’re brilliant colors of pink, yellow, and orange. They line the walkways on God Quad and fill the planters of DeBart. The smallest of the flowers hover around twelve inches, with the tallest reaching for the sky at almost two feet. It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago they were bulbs buried deep in the winter soil.

It’s also hard to believe that this time last year I was finalizing plans for my high school graduation. I was so eager to leave high school behind, so eager to begin my college adventure. When I arrived on campus, I was just a bud. Now, as the final two weeks of my freshman year commence, I find myself reflecting on how that bud has started to become something different. After weathering the challenges that come with the adjustment to college life (tests, new friends, time management, living away from home), I feel myself beginning to break free from the shell that has incubated my life for so long. The eighteen years prior to my arrival at Notre Dame were crucial to my development, but I needed the sunlight to set off the maturation.

The casual observer would notice that the tulips that are planted near the doors of main building, directly beneath the golden dome, are the tallest of all the spring foliage. Coincidence? I don’t think so. There’s something about the sunlight that reflects off the dome that makes even the simplest of organisms thrive.

I was just a bud. Now, I’m blossoming.