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University of Notre Dame


Switching out Crayons for Macbooks

Today is my 13th “First Day of School.” Normally, I would have woken up around 6, showered, gotten dressed, fixed my hair and makeup, said “bye” to my parents, and driven my younger brother to school. If I were home, my mom would have written me a note on a napkin and stuck it in my backpack for me to find sometime during my day. She would have written some kind of inspirational quote (I luckily inherited her love of wise words), accompanied by some perfect nugget of motherly love. If it were a normal first day of school, that is what would have happened.

But when you’re officially a student at ND, you know that “normal” has never really defined you.

This morning, after successfully making it to my first college class on time, I found myself sitting in a lecture hall with exactly 99 other students. It was a strange feeling to say the least. Not only have I never had a class this large, but for the first time in my life I knew no one else in the classroom. Microeconomics wasn’t just a foreign topic to me, but the people around me were strangers too. As a glanced around the room, people-watching, I noticed that nearly every other student was wearing some kind of school color or shirt. “ND” is literally every where you look. What struck me is that even though the beginning of classes may be difficult for me, both mentally and emotionally, there were 99 other people that were in this with me. I’ve also noticed in my 5 days here, that everyone says “hi” when walking from one building to another. There is never a shortage of laughter, smiles, or even a friendly “hey, how are you?”. Introductions may be socially awkward and a little forced sometimes, but I haven’t met one person yet that didn’t share something interesting about themselves, their families, or where they grew up. It’s hard to ignore that fact that this school isn’t just united on game days….it’s united every single mundane day too