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First Year Freshness

Author: Nikitha Taniparti

It’s always difficult to describe my experience at Notre Dame. My story has not only elements that everyone can relate to, but also has instances that are indescribable. Undoubtedly, my first-year experience was full of moments I’ll never forget, and also of moments I won’t remember. I had officially begun my journey with one of the best life-decisions that I had spent the last 18 years preparing for. Notre Dame became my home away from home, and my new family. It comes with all the aspects of being in a family – I’ve laughed and cried more than times than I imagined doing, and my first year here introduced me to unlimited wealth of opportunities that were to come. Read More

Judge Wisely and Fear Not

Author: Jeff Ulrich

My 4th year here was accompanied by our football team’s run to the national championship. I promised early in the season not to shave until the team lost. Refusing to fear the consequences of this decision and trusting my judgment that I was doing something memorable and meaningful, I went through job interviews, dances, and most of boxing season with a full beard. I even turned down a chance to go to Donald Trump’s Christmas party because my date did not think I would look presentable enough unless I shaved. Read More

Looking to the Future

Author: Kaitlyn Krall

Congrats on making it through your first months of college! Hopefully you are starting to form your foundation at ND. I wanted to write this article today for the people that know what they want, those people who have 1-year, 3-year, and yes, even 5-year plans. Coming in, I pretty much knew what majors I wanted to pursue, so I took classes in my majors to make sure and, around this same time last year, I was set in my choices. So while everyone else is running around trying 50 different majors, you are already ahead of the game. What do you do now? Read More

The Beauty of Our Lady’s Community

Author: Nancy Joyce

After arriving on Notre Dame’s campus in the fall of my freshman year, I learned two things fairly quickly: first, that in the early weeks of the year when the sun is still shining and before the perma-cloud has arrived, our campus is stunningly gorgeous. Second, I learned that Notre Dame people are incredibly friendly. You would be hard-pressed to walk across campus without having someone smile at you, hold the door for you, or ask how you’re doing. Read More

After a Year of “Firsts,” Here’s to New Beginnings

Author: Kate Christian, '15

Last year marked a lot of “firsts” for me. First college-level courses, first time cheering for Notre Dame, first time sharing a room, first time living in snow, and so many more. And I love firsts. But I love beginnings even more, because beginnings are an opportunity to experience those “firsts” all over again in new contexts. New roommates, an engaging class schedule, and the start of football season were all “firsts” last year, but this time they’re more familiar and are now the beginnings of the adventure I like to call sophomore year. Read More

The Darling Buds of ... April

Author: Madeline Gore, '15

I may have had my doubts in the beginning of January, but winter didn’t actually last forever. Spring has officially sprung on campus. The extra sunshine has given my mood the extra boost of Vitamin D that it desperately needed. We didn’t experience a snow-pocalypse, so technically we had it easy. But hey, this girl isn’t complaining. Read More

God, Country, Notre Dame — London

Author: Katie Adams, '13

Despite the jetlag after nearly a day of travelling, I was wide-eyed and anxious as I boarded the big red coach with all of my classmates en route to our new home in London for the next four months. From the instant we pulled away from Heathrow Airport, and I noticed black London taxis whizzing by me driving on the opposite side of the road, my body began to tingle with feelings of excitement as I knew that studying abroad in London would be a life-changing experience unlike any other. Read More

Easter: Finding Your Home Away From Home

Author: Kate Christian, '15

Don’t let the distance scare you. At Notre Dame, I’m more than 2200 miles away from my native San Francisco, CA. So for the four-day break to celebrate Easter, it just didn’t make sense for me to travel back home and spend the long weekend with my family. Instead, I celebrated Easter with my future roommates in Chicago and Valparaiso (“Valpo” is in northwest Indiana about an hour from Notre Dame). Debra, Emma, and I went to Emma’s home in a Chicago suburb. Thursday night, we had a fantastic home-cooked dinner at her home and settled in, meeting her family and watching a movie together. Read More

After a Long Week

Author: Kate Christian, '15

After a long week of exams and papers, all any college student wants is to relax on the weekend with friends. So this past weekend, I did just that. Friday was movie night (saw She’s the Man for the first time) in my dorm lounge with friends from other dorms coming and going during the movie. Always a great way to have a fun but calm night! Then Saturday morning, my future roommates and I (along with my future roommate’s brother who was in town visiting) made the trek to North Dining Hall. Now, from Pangborn, that’s definitely a bit of hike in the chilly morning, but we went for the famous NDH brunch crepes! They were definitely worth the morning walk and a great start to Notre Dame’s CommUniversity Day. CommUniversity Day is an annual day of service organized by student government in which students can participate in various service projects on campus or in the South Bend community. Read More

Where Do You Study?

Author: Grace Carroll, '15

After the whirlwind of moving-in, making shopping runs to Target and picking up your books, the time arrives to bid goodbye to your parents and join your new friends in settling in as Notre Dame students. Amidst the serenades and ice cream socials of Orientation weekend, it is easy to overlook the central reason we are here — namely to be students! Not only do we need to adjust to new living arrangements and eating patterns, but also to new classes, professors and expectations associated with the high caliber of academics at Notre Dame. How can I get to know my professors? What should I do if I am struggling in a class? What classes should I be taking? Fortunately, the First Year of Studies office is more than capable of answering these questions and assisting you in a smooth transition to college academic life. However, once papers and exams start coming, a more practical and mundane question becomes prominent: where is the best study space for me on campus? Read More

So, What's Your Major?

Author: Kate Christian

When people ask me what I’m studying, I have to take a deep breath and prepare my long-winded answer: I’m studying Business, but I don’t know yet which field, and I’m double minoring in Sustainability and Theology. The next question is often, “What exactly is sustainability?” Sustainability is about effectively managing our resources so that people can continue to thrive without damaging the earth. The Sustainability minor is brand new at Notre Dame and reflects ND’s ongoing path towards further innovation while still maintaining its strong tradition. Read More

Bracken County, Northern Kentucky

Author: Grace Welte

My essay, entitled “Bracken County, Northern Kentucky,” simply began as a narrative essay for my Writing and Rhetoric course. From there, it escalated into a larger project that I would continue to revise with the mentoring of John Dillon, my most excellent professor in the course. When I first started the essay, I expected to turn in the first draft, make some small revisions, and move on to the next project – that was until John told me that he saw potential in my writing. Read More

Bye Bye Juggling Club

Author: Madeline Gore

At the beginning of each year, ND has an event called Activities Night. Basically, any student club, organization, sports team, or volunteer corps sets up a booth and begs for your participation. They don’t really have to beg, though, because the minute you step inside the JAAC, you experience sensory overload. There are literally more than a hundred booths set up representing each group. Wandering up and own each row is an overwhelming feeling. Every group has members that insist that their club is the BEST on campus. It’s so easy to find activities that seem enticing, that you end up signing away your life because you can’t decide which clubs to choose. The result? You wake up the next morning with 20 new emails (omg!) from all the clubs you signed up for during your Activities Night delirium. Read More

Switching out Crayons for Macbooks

Author: Madeline Gore

Today is my 13th “First Day of School.” Normally, I would have woken up around 6, showered, gotten dressed, fixed my hair and makeup, said “bye” to my parents, and driven my younger brother to school. If I were home, my mom would have written me a note on a napkin and stuck it in my backpack for me to find sometime during my day. She would have written some kind of inspirational quote (I luckily inherited her love of wise words), accompanied by some perfect nugget of motherly love. If it were a normal first day of school, that is what would have happened. But when you’re officially a student at ND, you know that “normal” has never really defined you. Read More