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Time Moves Fast, Hold On While You Can

Author: Kelsey Han '14

As I have gotten older, I have realized that everything has gotten relatively smaller. A dollar as a kid was a coveted candy bar, and $20 was the best Christmas gift. Now, as I look to my future, I speak in tens of thousands of dollars, and it never seems like enough. Back in the day, a five-minute car ride was an adventure, and a 15-minute timeout was an eternity. With one month left of my college career, I feel as if time is a rug that is being ripped from underneath me. Read More

The Dorm Family

Author: Dea Satrio '14

There was a time when I was nervous about dorm life. I wasn’t sure if I would get along with my roommate, or if I would like living with 200 other girls. As it turns out, PW has been so much more than just a shared space. It has been the birthplace of my fondest memories, the backdrop to many nights spent laughing along with my classmates. Read More

Christmastime at Notre Dame

Author: Maria Kosse '14

There’s nothing like Christmastime at Notre Dame. The excitement for the holidays is tangible post-Thanksgiving break, as dorms light up as part of Christmas decoration contests; the Dining Hall staff goes above and beyond in providing the perfect dining ambiance; and the first big snow leads to the infamous campus-wide snowball fight. If you close your eyes for a second, you truly feel as if you are in a winter wonderland. Read More

Discovering the Spirit of the Fighting Irish

Author: Bright Gyamfi '16

The day was November 3, 2012 a memorable occasion that would be forever engrained in the memory of those who watched the football game between the Notre Dame fighting Irish and the Pittsburgh Panthers. This game silenced all those who had underestimated the fighting spirit of the Irish. Read More

It is all about hope

Author: Antoinette Pusateri '14

As I was serving breakfast to our guests, I overheard a man talking to one of my friends. I am not sure what the circumstances were that brought him there that day, but despite his joblessness and homelessness, this man was bubbling over with hope. I heard him speak of this new part time job he got at a local shop, and how he truly believed this gift from God was the start of a new phase of life for him, one in which he would work as hard as he could to be able to contribute to his community to the best of his abilities. “It is amazing to see what the Good Lord places in our paths when we least expect it!” he announced with joy. Read More

The Enchanting Magic

Author: Kate Christian, '15

I know it’s early in the year to be talking about winter. I realize that it’s mid-November and the temperature has dropped below freezing during the day. I get that I’m cold and wearing scarves and hats far sooner than usual. But the snow…let’s talk about snow for a minute. It floats gracefully, even on the South Quad wind tunnel. It blankets campus with a pristine, fresh coat of snow that just screams bliss. It’s captivating…magical…enchanting. Read More

Minnesota Summer

Author: Kate Christian, '15

It’s amazing what a summer can do. It can teach you new skills, give you corporate work experience, force you to cook for yourself (still a challenge…), and even let you bike seven miles a day. These were just a few of the many benefits to living in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer. For this past summer, I worked as a Technology Services Intern at Target’s corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. This ten-week experience was wonderful in so many ways, including the introduction into the office working world, the autonomy to have complete responsibility for an important project, the out-of-office intern activities, and the wonderful people with whom I interned. Read More

Learn to Fail

Author: Marisa Iati '14

I was denied a position at the same summer job three times while attending Notre Dame, and it ended up being one of the best things that could have happened to me. Through two summer newspaper internships, I gained real-world experience in the field that I hope to enter after graduation. My third summer job, teaching kids of recent immigrants through Holy Cross Ministries in Park City, Utah, was eye-opening and fulfilling. I would have missed at least one of those opportunities had I been accepted to my first-choice job. Read More

These Three Rules

Author: Meghan Thomassen '14

On my first day at Notre Dame, it was just my parents and me. We drove up to my dorm, car stuffed with boxes and clothes and lamps. We slowly pulled alongside the area where they were holding marching band tryouts, and all we could hear was the Fight Song trumpeting over the field. I’ll never forget that moment — I was home. I don’t know if you’ve felt that thrill yet, that surge of excitement and belonging. But I can tell you this — it never goes away. Read More

Approaching Study Abroad: A Notre Dame Guide

Author: Emmie Mediate

Perth, Singapore, Santiago, Washington D.C., Kampala, Rome. Notre Dame has study abroad programs everywhere and you have the ability to explore any corner of the world while you are a Notre Dame student. I’m studying abroad in London this semester and absolutely love it. This semester has easily been my favorite for all kinds of reasons, but primarily because the London program has been an ideal fit for my academics and personal interests. Read More

The Spirit of Notre Dame

Author: Christina Mondi '14

During that first month, I dove into a diverse course-load, attended my first-ever football game, took S.C.U.B.A. lessons in the murky waters of St Joe’s Lake, and began tutoring a local third-grader. I was now the one giving direction to visitors rather than asking for them, and I had mastered the proper NDH vegetable-line etiquette. I was getting the swing of things. Read More

The Notre Dame Family

Author: Amber Galik '14

How do I even begin to address the impact freshman orientation had on my first year at Notre Dame? To start, let me just say that I came to South Bend in August 2010 with little to no worries about “starting over” in college. Growing up in a military family, I had moved so many times throughout my childhood that it seemed normal to me to pick up and start over every few years. And although attending three high schools in three years was far from easy, I had survived it just fine and was looking forward to my next big adventure. Read More

What are you going to fight for?

Author: John Vernon '14

One important lesson I learned freshman year, and continue to find beneficial, is never be afraid to ask questions. This doesn’t make you appear stupid at all, but just the opposite. It shows that you are into the subject, processing the information, and trying to grasp the concepts that are being presented. Your professors, and other presenters will appreciate your interest and feed off of that enthusiasm, and it may even promote discussions that add value to the group. Like most things in life, what you get out depends on what you decide to put in. Extend this enthusiasm by showing up for office hours that are offered by your professors. Also, never be afraid to try even if you face the risk of failure. It is important to remember that most people gain valuable experience from things that don’t go exactly according to their plans. Read More

The Whole Experience

Author: Dea Satrio '14

Being at Notre Dame is not about the degree at the end. If it was, then excitement would rise as graduation draws near, and as a senior, I can tell you that is not the truth. We seniors avoid the topic because thinking about graduation means thinking about saying goodbye to Notre Dame and to the unforgettable times that come with it. My time here as a Domer has been largely a time for personal growth and exploration. Academics are part of it, but there’s so much more. Read More

First Steps on a Journey

Author: Kelsey Han '14

I don’t think I will be able to stress how much I actually loved Frosh-O. A lot of people always talk about how awkward it was and about all of the people that they still see today that they remember but pretend to forget. I loved Frosh-O; I got to meet so many new people. I was scared about being in a new place, but everyone else was in the same boat! Though some people knew each other going into Frosh-O, it didn’t matter. Mostly because they were put in different dorms, and by Saturday (the second day), new friendships were already made. Read More

We are ND. But Who Are We?

Author: Grace Chiarella '14

This is it—the part where you look at the great people and opportunities surrounding you and ask, how am I going to define me? How am I going to define my Notre Dame? Yes, I know. Those are some pretty big questions. But believe it or not, they don’t always require big answers and you most definitely don’t have to discover those answers alone. Read More


Author: Lizzie Helpling '14

When I was littler and my parents wanted me to try a new food, they would get my sisters to start a chant: “You can do it, you can do it, you can do it Lizzie!” Eventually, annoyed enough by the noise, I would try the new food, and, sometimes, I would like it. When I came to Notre Dame as a freshman, I did not even need the chant to try something new. I decided that I wanted to reinvent myself, and the easiest way to do that was to try everything new! Read More

Uganda is...

Author: Emmie Mediate

Uganda is yellow, as the worn jerry cans that villagers carry, sometimes for miles, to and from the stream to fill with water.
Uganda is green, as the lush foliage that sustains lives and provides a child’s playground.
Uganda is pink, as the soft bellies of monkeys that swing through the trees and sing you to sleep.
Uganda is blue, as the broad and commanding Nile running through the country. Read More

Those First Few Days

Author: Rachel Wright '14

I still remember what it was like to move in: it was scary and stressful and overwhelming. I was so concerned about trying to figure out where and even IF I would fit in at this amazingly cool and brilliant university. I was also worried about my parents: I am the first-born, and I was worried that they would be worried about me. I wanted college to meet all of their expectations for me, and all of my expectations for myself. Read More

Don’t Fear the Specter

Author: Alex Coccia ‘14

My first-year experience had a profound impact on my academic pursuits, because I was struck by the inspirational words of Dr. Richard Pierce in one of my orientation sessions on being a student-athlete. In the midst of lectures on NCAA rules and procedures, Dr. Pierce spoke about what it means to be a student-athlete. But it was less a speech, more a poem, a charge, a call to action, and a challenge. He told us, “Don’t fear the specter” – the daunting challenges that lie ahead. Read More