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Balancing Athletics and Academic Goals

Author: Anne Fick '20

First-year fencers Christina Boitano and Julia Barry were asked about the hardest part of being a student athlete. Both replied, “Time management.” Time management can be difficult any first-year student, but even harder if you are an athlete. Read More

First-year Files: What Do I Do With My Midterm Grades?

Author: Annie Fick '20

If you are like me, you may not know your exact grades in many of your courses. Several of my professors do not update grades in Sakai, so I will not see some of my grades until midterm reports come out. Coming from school systems where students and parents can see updated grades at any moment online, this can be nerve-wracking to first-years, myself included. Read More

First-year Files: How Do I Fix an Exam Conflict?

Author: Annie Fick '20

Hello everyone! My name is Annie Fick, and, as a freshman at Notre Dame myself, I’ve had a lot of questions about adjusting to college life. The question I am answering today is one of my own: “How do I handle final exam conflicts?”

As soon as I had all of the syllabi from my classes, I wrote down important due dates and exam times in my planner. After looking at them all together, I figured out that I have three finals in one day. On December 14th, I am supposed to take my Spanish final exam at 8am, my Cosmology final at 10:30am, and my Microeconomics exam at 1:45pm. I thought this day was just going to be exhausting and that there was nothing I could do to change it. However, after speaking with some of my classmates, I learned that actually I might not have to take all three exams in one day. I heard several different and confusing suggestions on how to make exam schedule changes, so I decided to find out the real process myself. Read More

Peer Advisors: An Important Resource

Author: Claire Radler '19

Coming to Notre Dame, I knew almost no one. Sure, I had met a few people at admitted student events or tours, but I was nowhere close to feeling comfortable when I first arrived on campus. The moment that really hit me was during the opening First Year Mass when I looked around the completely full Joyce Center and realized the only people I knew besides my roommate were the people standing to either side of me, my parents. Read More

Welcome Weekend Launches Moreau First Year Experience

Author: Lisa Walenceus

Amid all the excitement of moving into their residence halls, meeting other members of the Class of 2015, and getting to know the Notre Dame campus, incoming students also went to their very first class. The inaugural sessions of the new Moreau First Year Experience took place on Saturday, August 22. One hundred and nineteen instructors met with over 2,000 students to start a new Notre Dame tradition. Read More

A Place of Refuge

Author: Joanne Norell

I first experienced the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes when I visited Notre Dame as a prospective student five years ago. It was Holy Thursday, and my dad and I attended a beautiful Mass at the Basilica. It was also sunny and warm, and the tulips on God Quad were in full bloom. In other words, it was perfect. Read More

First Quarter Recap

Author: Joanne Norell

By now you are probably fully immersed in the uniquely Notre Dame culture and traditions. So in true Fighting Irish fashion let’s do a recap of the first quarter of your “big game,” otherwise known as freshman year of college. Read More

It's Not Really Over

Author: Lizzie Helpling '14

This year, AnTostal was particularly poignant for me as a senior. Everything has started to become the “last” of everything, and nowhere was this more evident than this particular week. Read More

Welcome Home

Author: Nikitha Taniparti

It was my senior year of high school, and it was the day before the deadline to commit to a university. Notre Dame was hardly on my radar. As an international student from India, I had applied here on mere whim, and after studying French for six years, I was convinced that the school was in Paris, or at least somewhere in France. Before making a decision by that ominous May 1st deadline, I knew two things: that I wanted to study Economics and that I wanted to have a lot of fun at college. These two gallant motivations in tow, I browsed the ND website, as well as the more dubious third-party college discussion boards online. Read More

Quality Over Quantity

Author: Meghan Thomassen '14

I grew up measuring myself. Even though competition wasn’t a big deal in high school, once it was time to turn in college applications, the questions I had thus far avoided inevitably reared their ugly heads. Did I have good enough grades for this school? Did my participation in basketball count even though we never won a championship? Had I spent enough hours volunteering? Read More