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Minnesota Summer

It’s amazing what a summer can do. It can teach you new skills, give you corporate work experience, force you to cook for yourself (still a challenge…), and even let you bike seven miles a day. These were just a few of the many benefits to living in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer. For this past summer, I worked as a Technology Services Intern at Target’s corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. This ten-week experience was wonderful in so many ways, including the introduction into the office working world, the autonomy to have complete responsibility for an important project, the out-of-office intern activities, and the wonderful people with whom I interned.

During the work week, I shuffled between trainings, team meetings, and intern events. For the summer, I got to work on a project independently with a mentor and create significant change in the operations of the department. My skills acquired from my Notre Dame classes were definitely helpful in navigating the project and corporate environment.

When I wasn’t in the office, I got to explore the Twin Cities and live like a local. Each day I biked to and from work using the bike-share system, but I also used the bikes on the nights and weekends to get around to various places. Biking to work every day was one of the best parts of my summer. Living in such a “bike-able” city, I could get almost anywhere pretty quickly; anywhere that was a little too far, and I could take a bus or hop in a friend’s car. Throughout the summer, I visited St. Paul (Minnesota’s capital), attended various summer events and programs in Minneapolis, wandered museums, and enjoyed the many lakes!

One of the best parts about my summer was being able to balance – and combine – my work and life. There was an intern kickball league where I got to know other technology interns, a Twins baseball game, a service project day, and a technology intern scavenger hunt to celebrate the last day of the internship. I was able to learn a lot about technology in the corporate environment while simultaneously having a great time living in a new city with great people.

This was a great summer, but it wouldn’t have happened without getting the job first. I started going to Career Center events and fairs freshman year, and it has definitely prepared me to succeed in my summers. I know it can seem intimidating, but it’s such great practice to start talking with companies during your first year — you never know what it could turn into.