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University of Notre Dame


Looking to the Future

Congrats on making it through your first months of college! Hopefully you are starting to form your foundation at ND. I wanted to write this article today for the people that know what they want, those people who have 1-year, 3-year, and yes, even 5-year plans. Coming in, I pretty much knew what majors I wanted to pursue, so I took classes in my majors to make sure and, around this same time last year, I was set in my choices. So while everyone else is running around trying 50 different majors, you are already ahead of the game. What do you do now?

I started dreaming and, more importantly, I started planning. It has been my dream to study in France and to become truly fluent in the language while experiencing all the history and culture of France. As freshmen, we are told, “focus on finding what you love, but wait until junior year for study abroad”. I listened to them. I was afraid to leave my sophomore year because I had just made friends and most of them would not be going abroad too. I had made up my mind to wait. My GPA and résumé will be stronger in a year anyway right?

Then, one day in my French class, a student came in to talk about the Angers program; I was enthralled. That evening I started the application and I never looked back. At this very moment, I am sitting in Angers learning French, making new friends, keeping my old ones, and creating new memories everyday. So, to those students who feel that they are ready to take on the world, I challenge you to do it, make your dreams come true! À bientôt!

Photo by Andrea Palm