University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame


Bye Bye Juggling Club

At the beginning of each year, ND has an event called Activities Night. Basically, any student club, organization, sports team, or volunteer corps sets up a booth and begs for your participation. They don’t really have to beg, though, because the minute you step inside the JAAC, you experience sensory overload. There are literally more than a hundred booths set up representing each group. Wandering up and own each row is an overwhelming feeling. Every group has members that insist that their club is the BEST on campus. It’s so easy to find activities that seem enticing, that you end up signing away your life because you can’t decide which clubs to choose. The result? You wake up the next morning with 20 new emails (omg!) from all the clubs you signed up for during your Activities Night delirium.

This would be all fine and dandy if you had 24 hours each day to devote to all these clubs. But let’s be realistic. This is college … this is Notre Dame. You barely have 5-6 hours to sleep every night (if you’re lucky), let alone time to get all your homework done. “Free Time” is a completely foreign topic. I couldn’t help but wonder, as I signed up for clubs, how these upperclassmen do it. How do they manage to be students, socialites, AND still have time to save the world?

It’s so cliche’, but the key really is balance. I had to prioritize which extracurriculars that I really had a passion for. Unfortunately, this meant deleting myself from the Juggling Club’s mailing list. Painful, but necessary. I’ve successfully narrowed my clubs list down to four: McGlinn Hall Council, St. Adalbert’s Tutoring, ND Republicans, and Freshman Class Council. A great thing about this school is that there is a club or student group for just about every interest you can imagine. The hard part is deciding which of those interests you really want to keep pursuing. Oh wait, welcome to college.