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After a Year of “Firsts,” Here’s to New Beginnings

Last year marked a lot of “firsts” for me. First college-level courses, first time cheering for Notre Dame, first time sharing a room, first time living in snow, and so many more. And I love firsts. But I love beginnings even more, because beginnings are an opportunity to experience those “firsts” all over again in new contexts. New roommates, an engaging class schedule, and the start of football season were all “firsts” last year, but this time they’re more familiar and are now the beginnings of the adventure I like to call sophomore year.

This semester, I moved in early to lead Freshman Orientation for my dorm. In a day and a half of planning plus three very full days of orientation activities, I managed to loft beds, sing covers of Nicki Minaj, transport fifteen refrigerators, and make 150 pancakes! It was a great beginning to my year: I got to know the incoming freshmen personally during the weekend and bonded with other girls in my dorm with the preparation and activities. I saw the other side of the Frosh-O experience, focusing on providing a wonderful weekend and extending the relationships into the entire year.

As the Sustainability Commissioner for my dorm, I had the opportunity over the summer to design custom water bottles for my dorm to further facilitate use of the Hydration Station installations in dorms and other campus buildings. Since its arrival in my dorm, we have saved over 3,700 plastic water bottles from being used. I love being the Commissioner and relaying ideas between my dorm and the Office of Sustainability! There are some wonderful events and opportunities in store for the semester and the year, and I am so excited to be a part of it with other dorm Commissioners!

Few things can compare to Notre Dame football. The anticipation of seeing all the alumni on campus starting Thursday, the thrill of a touchdown and subsequent “push ups,” the pride and camaraderie while singing the Alma Mater with classmates, candlelight dinners, and the energy on campus. Plus, recycling is promoted during tailgating and the game! Fall semester at Notre Dame would simply not be the same without football. I can try to describe it in words, but the experience is so much more…there’s nothing like it.

And with all of this, I attend classes I love. Sophomore year is a big year for business students, with many college requirements setting the foundations for major-specific courses later on. I’m taking sixteen credits, including five business courses and a theology course, which is quite truly changing my life. With my more analytical business courses keeping me very busy, my theology course (called “God”) allows me to develop a spiritual depth in my thinking process and calls me to contemplate and reflect.

It feels oh-so-good to be back. Back to friends, football, classes I love, lake runs, the Grotto, and the energy of all your best friends living in one place. Back to Notre Dame.