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After a Long Week

After a long week of exams and papers, all any college student wants is to relax on the weekend with friends. So this past weekend, I did just that. Friday was movie night (saw She’s the Man for the first time) in my dorm lounge with friends from other dorms coming and going during the movie. Always a great way to have a fun but calm night! Then Saturday morning, my future roommates and I (along with my future roommate’s brother who was in town visiting) made the trek to North Dining Hall. Now, from Pangborn, that’s definitely a bit of hike in the chilly morning, but we went for the famous NDH brunch crepes! They were definitely worth the morning walk and a great start to Notre Dame’s CommUniversity Day. CommUniversity Day is an annual day of service organized by student government in which students can participate in various service projects on campus or in the South Bend community.

For CommUniversity Day, I went with GreeND (the environmental initiative group on campus) to Unity Gardens, a South Bend community gardening project where local residents can garden their own food and pick food for free. The project is sustainable (perfect because of my minor!) and a great way to get to know other GreeND members in a more social and philanthropic way. We weeded garden plots, tore down old fences (to make room for the new), and prepared the soil for the next planting season. Doing something sustainable with my Saturday afternoon was fantastic!

After gardening it was time for some physics homework, dinner, and then getting ready for my Phoxy Phormal! My dorm (Pangborn…we spell everything with a “ph”) had its spring formal and I went with my future quad and our dates. All clad in navy dresses, we took pictures with our dates at Pangborn and then head over to the dance. It was an absolutely fantastic evening. We had a great time singing at the top of our lungs and dancing to every song! Afterwards, the eight of us went back to Pangborn to play some Catch Phrase and wind down. Overall, it was one of the most fun nights of my freshman year!

Sunday, after brunch with my future roommates (Saturday and Sunday brunch are the best two meals of the week!) and a bit of homework, I attended the opening of the BFA/MFA Thesis Exhibition. I have a good friend who was displaying his work; I went to support him as well as to see the other projects. I was so impressed by the hard work and natural talent shown at the final exhibition (held in Notre Dame’s on-campus Snite Museum). As a whole, this weekend was a great way to have loads of fun with my friends in between two weeks of exams and projects! You can see more pictures from my adventures here: