University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame


A Place of Refuge

I first experienced the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes when I visited Notre Dame as a prospective student five years ago. It was Holy Thursday, and my dad and I attended a beautiful Mass at the Basilica. It was also sunny and warm, and the tulips on God Quad were in full bloom. In other words, it was perfect.

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First Quarter Recap

By now you are probably fully immersed in the uniquely Notre Dame culture and traditions. So in true Fighting Irish fashion let’s do a recap of the first quarter of your “big game,” otherwise known as freshman year of college. Read More

It's Not Really Over

This year, AnTostal was particularly poignant for me as a senior. Everything has started to become the “last” of everything, and nowhere was this more evident than this particular week. Read More

Quality Over Quantity

I grew up measuring myself. Even though competition wasn’t a big deal in high school, once it was time to turn in college applications, the questions I had thus far avoided inevitably reared their ugly heads. Did I have good enough grades for this school? Did my participation in basketball count even though we never won a championship? Had I spent enough hours volunteering? Read More

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