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About NDignite

… firing the imagination of first-year students.

NDignite is a group of events and activities that are designed to engage you in meaningful interactions with Notre Dame faculty and resources, and to provide you with an opportunity to contribute something of your own to our intellectual and cultural communities.

All NDignite programs will bring you into contact with faculty members and other first-year students in informal settings. Whether it’s Legends Night Club, Reckers Restaurant, or a faculty member’s home, you will be meeting people in ways that are very different from knowing them as an instructor or as classmates. These contacts will introduce you to the world of educated discourse, give you a chance to get to know people outside your major and field, and help you develop a network of relationships where you can share interests and ideas. The people you will meet through NDignite will both challenge you and support you as you engage in thoughtful conversations and broaden your perspectives.

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