University of Notre Dame


Your first-year math requirement is a critical component of a sound liberal arts education. Not only is mathematics a cornerstone of our civilization, it is an aesthetic endeavor worthy of our appreciation and a proving ground for critical thinking. Today, every career uses some sort of math and the ability to simplify and solve complex situations using mathematics is a sought-after skill — a solid understanding of math is a competitive edge.

If you have credit for the first level of calculus (MATH 10250, 10350, or 10550), you must fulfill this University requirement by taking a second level of calculus (MATH 10270, 10360, or 10560) or a non-calculus-based mathematics course.

If you intend to declare a major in the College of Arts and Letters, you may fulfill your mathematics requirement by taking any two courses in mathematics, with the exception that you may not take two beginning-level calculus courses.

For students who intend to enter the Mendoza College of Business, one semester of calculus is required. Any calculus course required by the College of Science and the College of Engineering will be acceptable. One course in statistics, ACMS 10145, is also required.

The School of Architecture requires students to take MATH 10250 and 10270, but they also allow students to take the Science and Engineering calculus sequence.

If you plan to major in a program in the College of Science, you may choose from one of the following calculus sequences: MATH 10350-10360, MATH 10550-10560, MATH 10850-10860, or MATH 10450-10460. The MATH 10350-10360 and MATH 10450-10460 sequences are designed for students in programs emphasizing the life sciences such as biological sciences and the pre-professional (pre-medical and other health-related) programs in either the College of Arts and Letters or the College of Science. If you plan to enter other science programs that require only two semesters of calculus, you may use MATH 10350-10360 to satisfy the requirement, but please note that this sequence is not a suitable prerequisite for upper level courses MATH 20550 or 20580. Students planning to major in biochemistry or physics must take MATH 10550-10560.

If you will become a student in the College of Engineering, the first-year math requirement is fulfilled through the MATH 10550-10560 or MATH 10850-10860 sequence.

Making the right choice to fulfill your mathematics requirement is a critical decision that should be discussed with your First Year Advisor during the fall registration process. The First Year of Studies’ Learning Resource Center has math support services that are available to all students.