University of Notre Dame

Advanced Credit and Placement

The First Year of Studies processes all credit and placement you may receive based on standardized test scores or on your performance on Notre Dame placement examinations, as well as any transfer credit you might receive for college-level work completed at other institutions. Approved credit is awarded by the Dean of the First Year of Studies and is entered on the official transcript maintained in the Registrar’s Office.

Students Entering Fall 2018 or Later

In August 2014, University President John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., and Provost Thomas G. Burish appointed a Decennial Core Curriculum Review Committee to review the current requirements and deliberate possible changes. In its August 2016 final report, this committee recommended that the University no longer accept AP credit to test out of core curriculum requirements.

While students can no longer use AP credit to satisfy a university core curriculum requirement, Notre Dame will continue to accept the current set of AP exams for credit on the transcript, and the university is considering whether to expand that set. AP credit can also be used for placement into higher-level courses, to satisfy some college/school/major requirements, toward financial aid requirements regarding progress toward graduation, and as evidence on the transcript of completed requirements for professional programs (for example, graduate schools in economics like to see several math courses on the transcript). For most students, the new core curriculum as a whole should increase flexibility and possibly reduce the number of courses students need to take relative to the old core—even with the change in AP policy.

A new credit and placement policy will be available in early spring. In the meantime, questions about credit and/or placement by examination for students entering in Fall 2018 may be directed to the First Year of Studies by email at or by phone at (574) 631-7421.

Students Entering Before Fall 2018

Students entering the University before Fall 2018 may earn placement and credit through AP, IB, and SATII examinations, as well as the Notre Dame Examination Program.

It is also possible to receive credit for college courses completed at other institutions.

If you earn credit, you may apply it toward required or elective courses only if the college program that you select permits it. If your credit is not applicable in that particular program, it will be recorded on your transcript, but it represents credit in excess of college requirements. Credit by examination is not counted as required or elective credit if the number of the course for which credit is awarded is lower than the initial course required in a particular college program.

All documentation submitted for credit must be presented to your First Year Advisor no later than the end of your first semester on campus.