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The Neuroscience of Effective Study

Everyone knows that effective study skills are crucial to a successful college experience, but finding ways to study that work can be difficult. Professor Nancy Michael, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Neuroscience and Behavior in the College of Science, shares her perspective on the what really works when it comes to studying.…

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Top Three Lecture Hacks

As a first-year student, regardless of major, you are bound to take lecture classes. In lecture classes, professors present course material to large audiences of students. Although it may seem fairly straightforward, with a large class comes new opportunities and new challenges.

Top Three Lecture Hacks…

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First Year Files: How to Get a Letter of Recommendation

First Year advisors help students with letters of recommendation for a wide variety of applications, from summer study abroad to fellowships and internships. Their tips for getting letters of rec from them are good guidelines to follow with anyone you might ask for a recommendation in the future. Read More

Top 3 Techniques for Retaining Information

As college students, cramming and then dumping information is quite common, but definitely not the best option for our learning. Here are a few ways to improve your memory and help you to retain information in all of your course.

Repetition and rehearsal

The first and most obvious way to cement new material is through repetition. If you repeat material enough, you will learn it beyond mastery to the point where your responses become automatic. Flashcards are a traditional way of learning using repetition. Another strategy to employ is the use of pneumonic devices or rhythm and rhyme to help retain info. When using these methods, practice will make perfect! Read More

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