University of Notre Dame

Information Literacy Learning Objectives for First-Year Students

  • Locate the main library and library branches related to particular studies.
  • Obtain general library assistance from the Information Desk, Ask-A-Librarian, and Subject Librarians.
  • Manage library resources with My Account, Inter-Library Loan (ILL), and RefWorks ®.
  • Create and refine an effective search strategy using controlled vocabulary and Boolean Operators.
  • Locate background information using appropriate reference sources.
  • Find books or other resources on a topic using the online catalog.
  • Locate journal articles, data, or other media on a topic using online databases.
  • Distinguish between scholarly and popular sources.
  • Evaluate the credibility of a source’s currency, accuracy, content, appropriateness, and objectivity.
  • Use information ethically and legally in accordance with copyright and intellectual property laws.