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First Year Librarian

The Hesburgh Libraries has dedicated three exceptional librarians, supervised by Leslie L. Morgan, to helping first-year students learn more about what it means for a college student to have information literacy.

Information literacy is knowing how to:

  • access information efficiently and effectively.
  • evaluate information critically and competently.
  • use information appropriately for different purposes in a variety of contexts.

Information literacy advances first-year students’ critical thinking skills and prepares them to assess whether information is appropriate to use in their academic writing and research.

Information Literacy Learning Objectives for First-Year Students

Research consultations help students:

  • navigate the vast information resources available through the Hesburgh Libraries.
  • develop a research strategy that will maximize the use of those resources

You will find our first-year librarian:

  • in rooms 111 and 112 on the first floor of the Hesburgh Library (Current Periodicals area).
  • in the First Year of Studies on the second floor of the Coleman-Morse Center.
  • at the Information Desk on the first floor of the Hesburgh Library.

More information about the first-year librarian and her services can be found at:

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