University of Notre Dame

Digital Sign Design Suggestions

A good digital sign briefly introduces an event and then refers the first-year student to to a contact person, organization, or website for more information.

Signs should be concise and visually appealing — the sign content should be readable in less than 30 seconds.

We recommend that your sign contain these elements in top-to-bottom visual order:

The title should be brief and reflect what your event is, e.g. History Major Information Session.

If you want to include a catchy phrase or title, include it below your title, e.g. Terrify your parents by coming to an informational session about the philosophy major & minor — and find out why studying philosophy shouldn’t terrify your parents after all! (submitted by the Department of Philosophy in 2015)

Brief Description
The description is usually only a sentence or two.

Bullet points
List the most pertinent features of the event as bullet points.

Event Date, Time, and Location
Make this information bold and make sure it is visually prominent.

Contact Information or Registration Process
Make the “call to action” clear — should they call someone, visit a website, register online, or just show up?

Organization logo
If you choose to use a college or program logo, please make sure that you follow the brand standard requirements for size and placement.