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First Year academic advising is integral to the success of every student who enters Notre Dame, and a good working partnership with your First Year Advisor will be a key factor in making the most of your first year at the University. Get off to the right start in this critical relationship by getting to know a little more about your advisor.


Hugh Page
Dean of the First Year of Studies, Vice President and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

Holly Martin
Associate Dean for Advising and Academic Programs

Elly Brenner
Assistant Dean for Records and Registration

Maureen Dawson
Assistant Dean for Cultural Competency and Engagement

Jennifer Fox
Assistant Dean for Programming and Personnel

Academic Advising and Support

Trunojoyo Anggara
Academic Advisor

Rufus Burnett
Academic Advisor

Steven Brady
Academic Advisor

James Creech
Academic Advisor

Nahid Erfan
Director of the Learning Resource Center

Laura Flynn
Academic Advisor

Darlene Hampton
Academic Advisor

Don LaSalle
Academic Advisor

Erin Lemrow
Academic Advisor

Cecilia Lucero
Academic Advisor

Philip Sakimoto
Director of the Program in Academic Excellence

Michelle Smith Ware
Academic Advisor

Kasey Swanke
Academic Advisor

Mel Tardy
Academic Advisor

Leonor Wangensteen
Academic Advisor

Sean Wernert
Academic Advisor

Maryam Zomorodian
Academic Advisor

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