University of Notre Dame

BHSP Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars Program (BHSP), eligible incoming Notre Dame first-year students are expected to have completed a strong college preparatory program of study from an accredited high school. The minimum program of study should include:

  • English: four years
  • Social Science/History: three years
  • Mathematics*: four years
  • Science: four years
  • Language other than English: two years

Students are strongly recommended to have completed four years of mathematics, including trigonometry, pre-calculus, and/or calculus if they are interested in majoring in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

To be considered for the Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars Program, prospective students cannot have received lower than a B in any high school science or math course. Note: Many of our past and current scholars completed a year or more of calculus.

Successful applicants will:

  • have a minimum of 600 on the Math component of the SAT
  • have a cumulative high school GPA of a 3.0 or above
  • display a commitment to community service
  • be a citizen, permanent resident of the United States, or have DACA status

Advanced placement courses and research experience are desired but not required. All applicants should have completed at least one year of calculus.

Interested incoming Notre Dame first-year students who are of African, Asian, Latin, or Native American descent but did not indicate race or ethnicity on their Admissions application should send an email to by April 15th. An application should not be submitted before receiving an invitation from BHSP to apply.