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Fall Registration

This page was last updated on June 1, 2017, and is subject to change.

For fall registration, you must fill out the online Course Preference Form (CPF) by 9:00 pm EST on June 30, 2017. The form will be available in the “First Year of Studies” fall registration task center in insideND on June 1, 2017, at 6:00 pm EST.


If you have specific questions about which courses to request, please contact the First Year of Studies by phone at (574) 631–7421 or by email at

Please do not call the Office of the Registrar. They will not be able to help you.

Your CPF must be submitted to the First Year of Studies by June 30, 2017.

To fill out your online form, use the instructions below:


Enter your name, home address, cell phone number, and home phone number in the spaces provided, along with email addresses for your parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Enter your netID in the space provided.

Review Notre Dame’s various college programs and make a tentative decision about which program you might like to pursue at the University. This choice will guide your mathematics, natural science, and, in some cases, program requirement course choices. Keep in mind that you can change your intended college program by contacting your First Year advisor any time during your first year.

In the space provided, indicate which college program you currently plan to pursue using the appropriate college program abbreviation.


Test scores that we have received for you will appear in a table in the second section of the CPF. If you have taken any AP or IB exams, any online language placement exams or any SAT II subject tests in French, German, Italian, or Spanish, that do not appear in the table, write the exam subject(s) in the appropriate space(s). If you know the results of the AP, SAT II, or IB exams, indicate your placement and select your courses accordingly. Results of ND examinations are provided online when you conclude the exams.

Cpf Ap Section

If you have taken an exam for possible course credit but have not yet received the results, indicate that you have taken the exam, but select your courses as if you will not be awarded credit. Do not wait until you get the results to turn in your Course Preference Form. Your advisor will adjust your schedule when your exam results are received.


Indicate your course preferences for the first semester only. Use our sample schedules to assist with your selections.

Your preferences will be solicited in these five categories:

Writing Requirement
First-year students are required to take one semester of Writing and Rhetoric and one semester of a University seminar to learn the art of argument and gain the persuasive ability to make a point with proper organization, evidence, logic, and style. AP or IB credit may exempt you from Writing and Rhetoric, but all students must take a University seminar course in either the fall or spring semester of their first year at Notre Dame.

Math Requirement
All Notre Dame undergraduates are required to take two semesters of mathematics, but the math courses you take will take depend on your interests, background in math, and intended major. AP or IB credit can allow you to take a higher level course or exempt you from taking math.

Science Requirement
All Notre Dame students must take two semesters of science. Students interested in a science or engineering major, or pre-health will take laboratory sciences. If you are interested in a non-science major, you may take topical science courses that are organized around themes.

University Requirement or elective
You may take a course in history, social science, philosophy, theology, fine arts, or literature to satisfy one of your University requirements, or you may choose an elective course. Taking a required philosophy or theology course is recommended.

Program Requirement or elective
Some intended majors have program requirements that must be completed in the first year. All other majors allow for an elective choice. If your future school or college requires foreign language proficiency, or if you just want to learn one, you may enroll in a language course in your first year.

Note: All first-year students take FYS 10101, the first course in the Moreau First Year Experience two-course sequence, in the fall. You will not have to enter it into your CPF.

You may select ROTC as a sixth course on the form, but if you elect to take an ROTC course, you will take it in addition to FYS 10101.


You may select one- or two-credit courses, including music, in the final section of the CPF, but if you elect to take one of these voluntary courses, you will take it in addition to FYS 10101.

The final section includes space for you to write questions or provide additional information.

Cpf Additional Info