University of Notre Dame

Program Declaration

No matter what you may have submitted as an intended major on your Admissions application, all students are admitted to the College of the First Year of Studies with a general description of their future intentions. College and major intents are recorded as:

  • Architecture, Bachelor of Arts: FY-AR-BAR
  • Arts and Letters, Bachelor of Arts: FY-AL-BA
  • Arts and Letters, Bachelor of Fine Arts: FY-AL-BFA
  • Arts and Letters, Undecided: FY-AL-NONE
  • Mendoza College of Business, Bachelor of Business Administration: FY-BA-BBA
  • College of Science, Bachelor of Science: FY-SC-BS

The College of Engineering intended majors are abbreviated in our database as:

  • Aerospace Engineering: EG-AERO
  • Chemical Engineering: EG-CHEG
  • Civil Engineering: EG-CE
  • Computer Engineering: EG-CPEG
  • Computer Science: EG-CS
  • Electrical Engineering: EG-EE
  • Environmental Engineering and Geosciences: EG-ENVG
  • Mechanical Engineering: EG-ME
  • Undecided: EG-UNSPEC

These abbreviations may appear on the Course Selection Form that you will fill out in June, but your program and major may change as you begin to take classes at Notre Dame and learn more about your interests and strengths, as well as what a college major requires. The intended major on file for you can be checked through the Graduation Progress System.

The formal declaration of your program and major takes place in the spring semester and requires a meeting with your First Year Advisor who will help you complete the necessary paperwork. Before this meeting takes place, you will be asked to complete a set of mid-year self-reflection questions that will provide background information to help your advisor support you in making a well-informed about the future of your studies at Notre Dame.

Beginning in January, many departments and colleges will hold Major Information Nights to answer any questions you may have about majors you are considering. Announcements about these events will be sent to you at your ND Gmail account and posted on this website, as well as in the calendar channel on the “First Year of Studies” tab in insideND. You should also attend the “Winter Career Fair” held by the Career Center.

The assignment of your Web Registration Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the fall of your sophomore year will be based on your formally declared program and major information, so it is important that you complete this requirement between the second week of spring semester classes and the mid-term break. You will receive your PIN from your new college at a general advising session that will take place in April, called “PIN Nights.” You must attend the session for your future college to receive the PIN that will enable you to register.