University of Notre Dame

University Seminars Spring 2018

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Social Science University Seminars

ANTH 13181-2 Buried Cities, Ancient Tribes, Mysteries of the Past
Instructor: Mark Golitko

ANTH 13181-3 Frauds and Pseudo-Science
Instructor: Ian Kuijt

ECON 13181-1 Social Science University Seminar
Instructor: William Leahy

ECON 13181-2 China and the U.S. in a Globalizing World
Instructor: Wyatt Brooks

POLS 13181-1 Great Power Politics
Instructor: Sebastian Rosato

POLS 13181-2 Politics and Literature: J. R. R. Tolkien
Instructor: Mary Keys

POLS 13181-3 Democracy and Religion
Instructor: Andrew Gould

POLS 13181-4 The American and French Revolutions
Instructor: Benjamin Radcliff

POLS 13181-5 Faith, Freedom, and Fanticism: Religion and Politics
Instructor: Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C.

POLS 13181-6 The Federalist Papers and America Today
Instructor: Sotirios Barber

PSY 13181-1 Environmental Psychology: Western and Indigenous
Instructor: Darcia Narvez

PSY 13181-2 Adolescence
Instructor: Dawn Gondoli

SOC 13181-1 Becoming Kids Next Door: A Sociology of Children and Childhood
Instructor: Jessica L. Collett

SOC 13181-2 Racial/Ethic Educational Inequality
Instructor: Amy Langenkamp

SOC 13181-4 Sociology of Money
Instructor: Erin McDonnell

SOC 13181-3 Responding to World Crisis
Instructor: J. Samuel Valenzuela

SOC 13181-5 Meaning, Materialism, and Modern Life
Instructor: Eugene Halton

SOC 13181-6 Global Futures and Transformative Politics
Instructor: Ann Mische

Fine Arts University Seminars

ARHI 13182-1 Critical Moments in Classical Art and Culture
Instructor: Robin Rhodes

ARHI 13182-2 World Art at the Snite Museum
Instructor: Michael Schreffler

FTT 13182-1 Extreme Filmmaking, To the Limits of Cinematography
Instructor: Olivier Morel

FTT 13182-2 History of Chicago Theater
Instructor: Marcus Stephens

FTT 13182-3 Historic Fashion in Film
Instructor: Richard E Donnelly

MUS 13182-1 The Renaissance: A Golden Age of Music for the Church and Court
Instructor: Alexander Blachly

Theology University Seminars

THEO 13183-1 Foundations of Theology
Instructor: Kenneth Oakes

THEO 13183-2 Theology Seminar
Instructor: Khaled Anatolios

THEO 13183-3 Foundations of Theology: The Biblical Narrative of the Good News of the Reign of God
Instructor: Neil Arner

History University Seminars

AMST 13184-1 Sanctity and Society
Instructor: Kathleen Sprows Cummings

AMST 13184-2 Integration in the U.S.
Instructor: Korey Garibaldi

HIST 13184-1 Think Like a Chinese: Introduction to Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism
Instructor: Liang Cai

HIST 13184-2 Gandhi: A Global History of Non-Violence
Instructor: Nikhil Menon

HIST 13184-3 Caught in the Revolution: Russia, 1917: Experience and Memory of the Great Upheaval
Instructor: Semion Lyandres

HIST 13184-4 Representations of Islam
Instructor: Yacine Daddi Addoun

HIST 13184-5 Modern European Catholicism
Instructor: Sarah Shortall

HIST 13184-6 American Founders
Instructor: James (Jake) Lundberg

HIST 13184-7 Opportunity Lost
Instructor: Richard Pierce

HIST 13184-8 The Salem Witch Trials
Instructor: Ingrid Rowland

HIST 13184-9 Microhistories: Rogues, Outcasts, Lovers, Adventurers
Instructor: Alexander Martin

HIST 13184-10 Puritans in Popular Culture
Instructor: Catherine Cangany

Philosophy University Seminar

All philosophy seminars without links to descriptions have the following general structure: A general introduction to philosophy, taught in a seminar format, with emphasis on perennial problems such as the existence of God, human freedom, and moral obligation. The course is also intended to sharpen the student’s skills of critical thinking.

PHIL 13185-1 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Daniel Roeber

PHIL 13185-2 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Patricia Blanchette

PHIL 13185-3 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Cornelius Delaney

PHIL 13185-4 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Stephen Watson

PHIL 13185-5 Philosophy University Seminar
Instructor: Leopold Stubenberg

Literature University Seminars

CLAS 13186-1 Ancient Emotions
Instructor: Blake Leyerle

LLEA 13186-1 The “Other” in Modern Japanese Fiction
Instructor: Michael Brownstein

LLEA 13186-2 Love in Traditional Chinese Literature
Instructor: Liangyan Ge

ENGL 13186-1 “What is Nature Now?”
Instructor: John Sitter

ENGL 13186-2 On the Road: The History of Quest Literature
Instructor: Greg Kucich

ENGL 13186-3 Introduction to Poetry
Instructor: Laura Betz

ENGL 13186-5 The Black First Person
Instructor: Mark Sanders

ENGL 13186-6 On the Move: Migration in American Literature
Instructor: Francisco Robles

ENGL 13186-7 Literary Visions and Revisions
Instructor: Yasmin Solomonescu

ENGL 13186-8 Biography/Autobiography: One’s Life Story
Instructor: Rev. Edward Malloy, C.S.C.

ENGL 13186-9 The Death and Return of God in Radical Poetry
Instructor: Romana Huk

ENGL 13186-11 Spy Fiction
Instructor: Ian Newman

IRLL 13186-1 Irish Politics and the Politics of Language
Instructor: Peter McQuillan

IRLL 13186-2 Literature University Seminar
Instructor: Jeremiah Gillian

LLRO 13186-1 On Interpretation: The Art of Caressing Art
Instructor: Louis MacKenzie

LLRO 13186-2 Dangerous Reads: Banned U.S. Latino/a Literature
Instructor: Marisel Moreno

PLS 13186-1 God, Nature, and Humanity Through Early Classics
Instructor: Clark Power

PLS 13186-3 Ancient Greece: Literature, Philosophy, Historiography
Instructor: Francesca Bordogna

RU 13186-1 Russia Seeks God: Theology, Literature, and the Arts
Instructor: Thomas Marullo

Mathematics University Seminar

MATH 13187-1 Mathematics University Seminar
Instructor: Michael Gehktman